Be Instantly Powerful On Any Platform Via Terminals

34 mins by The Python Experience |

Platforms are a funny thing. You'll get as many descriptions of what a platform is as people you ask. At any rate, one thing's for sure, a platform is a thing you get used to and often get lost without. This is one of the biggest set-backs that can occur to a professional in tech—having a platform stop being supported, or morph and evolve away from what you fell in love and got familiar with, or getting left behind on old versions by not paying for upgrades, etc. This is a truism in tech. How many "windowing" platforms are anything like what you started out on, and for a developer, it's even more frustrating because so much more under the curtains is actually changing than what you see as a user. And so, here's a whole podcast extolling the virtues of terminal-based (window-less/gui-less) Linux, Python, vim and git.