Directory Structures as Namespaces

24 mins by The Python Experience |

Sometimes you've got to be decisive on your actions and focused in your priorities. These are those days for me. Maintaining my professional marketability is paramount. In 4-years, I'll be a 50 year-old SEO (search engine optimizer) right as Google itself is getting really, really smart. And so, I've got to get, if not as smart as Google, at least smart enough to keep pace with the clues they're leaving for me... very clearly... in the Google Search Console data, accessible through the API. If I don't prioritize this thing up and just get it done, I'll be doing a disservice. So, bear down on that project today and get it done! In this video, I talk through how dates turned into folder-names on a filesystem create a sort of namespace for accumulating up the data in a nice organized and highly human-usable fashion, that can be shared out to the stakeholders via Dropbox, truly activating the data in the organization. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel