Electron and TypeScript for Local Apps

20 mins by The Python Experience |

No matter how much I advocate "windowless" or "graphical-user-interface-less" platforms like Linux, Python, vim and git, I readily admit that certain platforms are so entrenched and fundamental now to tech, that there's no getting away from them. The tricks is to dodge the proprietary-bullet of vendor lock-in insofar as you can. You can't. But one of the best great modern attempts is the Electron TypeScript platform, on which Github's Atom text editor, Slack, and even Microsoft's cross-platform Visual Studio Code (not the same thing as Visual Studio) is based. Ironically, Electron actually uses components from Google Chrome as its foundation, and so... and so... like I sad, you can't ever fully dodge that bullet. But it's the best thing going right now on for local User Interface-building, so I'll be looking into whether there might be a Python / Electron connection.