Existentialism vs Solipsism & Inner vs Outer Worlds

26 mins by The Python Experience |

All my life I've asked myself "what's really important?", which are questions that can lead to existentialism, which can lead to nihilism. This has been a pitfall danger for me all my life, and I thought I was leaning towards existentialism, when in reality, it's solipsism that was my siren's call, as clarified to me by another (non-Culture) Ian M. Banks book, called Transitions. The books I'm reading, both SciFi/Fantasy and non-fiction often manage to give me exactly what I need when I need it to navigate my way through life, and forge the metal of my inner-self into the strong-enough tempered state that it needs to be to get through daily challenges—which at present are quite challenging, due to running afoul of some truly awful folks that in my mind closely parallel the antagonist of the latest series I'm re-reading from my childhood, the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, who is a leper that somehow manages to prevail, despite just about everything imaginable stacked and thrown against him. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel youtube.com/mikelevin