If You View Yourself as Non-Technical, Overcome the Initial Inertial Resistance

13 mins by The Python Experience |

How do you make your investment in learning to program a lifetime side-gig? If you're not becoming a career programmer taking up C++ or Java, then you're probably dealing with higher level abstraction languages that look or feel a little more like English, often one of what's considered a "scripting" language that uses interpreters, such as Ruby or Python, which are by implication much slower to execute than compiled languages like C++ or Java. The truth is more complicated and good for those who like the scripting-like languages which mostly now use virtual machines and some variety of just-in-time pre-compiling to optimize for speed. Forget the excessively low-level overhead-burdened career-focus demanding low-level languages. You don't need them in order to thrive right away. Learn Python plus the basic Unix/Linux commands and you'll have a solid high tech toolbox for life. You're buying into easier "higher level" abstractions with scripting languages designed to not go obsolete anytime soon while letting you work more efficiently, thinking more the way you like to think rather than always burning time re-inventing the wheel with the low level languages that are better suited for where performance is top concern, such as with drivers, OSes or 3D game engines. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel youtube.com/mikelevin