Re-Platforming is a Pain to Do… and redo and redo and redo.

13 mins by The Python Experience |

The often unacknowledged task you're starting when you choose your first programming language is called platforming. What platforms you can develop for will define a lot about who you will be professionally and what you will be able to do. And even though a platform ultimately always includes some sort of hardware, the exact boundaries and definition of a platform are often blurry, and all the more so when your programming language choices cut across many different platforms, from drone robots to supercomputers to your laptop as does Python. So, is Python really your platform? And if so, which Python? In this podcast, I teach you to think of Python as evolving into some sort of universal interprocess communication language for automation and process control, as extensible as the capabilities of whatever you connect to it, often via the common practice of using Python wrappers provided by 3rd party client libraries to access and control non-natively Python resources. It's probably also time to massage this material into an online Python tutorial and refined articles for and such. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel