SEO Old Skool (New Again)

21 mins by The Python Experience |

Everything old is new again. It's time to re-learn SEO, and I think I'll do it from scratch with a brand-new site. I give a bit of history about how the Web become so popular so quickly, with the advent of the Mosaic browser, precursor to Netscape and Firefox, and Linux, Apache, MySQL and PERL (later PHP). Then I talk about how those slightly less intrepid Webmasters (like myself) tended to gravitate towards Microsoft IIS and SQL Server, simply due to availability and support at the office from the IT-style techs. In those days, you could do stuff like parse your weblogs rather easily, because there was less web traffic and the tools that made things easy didn't cut you off from your weblogs—before the incredible popularity of "tracking gifs" like Google Analytics that reduced the desire to parse weblogs. Today for this new endeavor, I think I'll use more of a "from-scratch" approach like the old days, just leveraging enough tools (like CMS systems) to alleviate the tedious and most difficult parts.