SEO Reboot & Python

23 mins by The Python Experience |

I've chosen Python as the peg to hang my hat on for many reasons, including it's the best match I've found in recent years to replace the role of the Commodore Amiga computer (and related tech) in my heart and mind. I also draw parallels to Sun Microsystems, which together with Commodore served as a sort of viable non-mainstream secret weapon contingency in tech, and also as a canary in the coalmine on the state of non-mainstream tech. So long as Commodore and Sun were well, so was hope for better ways. With them both gone, and Java itself falling into Oracle's hands, along with MySQL (the M from the LAMP stack), the part of the industry that doesn't want to be beholden to profit-driven blood-letting proprietary vendors have to find another way. The Free and Open Source Software community has come such a long way that it collectively constitutes this new camp, and within that, Python is at the center of my new suite of love-worthy secret weapons. This is particularly useful as the field of SEO, dubious and unstable in the best of times, undergoes its next tectonic shift as Google grows up.