Small FOSS Platform Spec As a Musical Instrument

31 mins by The Python Experience |

Warning: terrible audio. The Amiga computer. Active Server Pages on Windows. I won't get fooled again. All this state of the market and state of hardware and user interface bullshit that ties a beautiful act of creative expression to a certain narrow window of time when that particular proprietary software and unique hardware is in common production and daily use. But things change. Yet I hunger for a certain stability. How can I not go obsolete again? What was good and what was bad about previous dead-end technologies I have adopted? Did I mention I also owned a Coleco Adam? The solution? Controversial, but one possible valid for so many reasons, is Linix, Python, vim and git. Be fairly powerful and fairly timeless. You shall not be supremely powerful, for that would cramp your simple pragmatic API's style. But neither is it so limited that you couldn't try to tackle almost every problem you encounter this way first; before switching off to JavaScript or whatever else is for some more valid reason a better way to tackle a particular problem. I propose a Swiss Army knife of tech; and SEO in general.