Switching From Explore to Exploit

22 mins by The Python Experience |

It's time to pull it together and work at the peek of my game. My near-misses in my career involving Commodore, Scala, HitTail, 360i and the like are all of my doing. I pick the opportunities I pursue, and I pick what the particular rewards are that I pursue. The love of the work has always been a big part of it, but it takes a lot of work to keep things love-worthy, and whether or not your current work really qualifies is important to happiness. Remaining an SEO in my mind requires infusing a bit of good, reliable science into process, and that's increasingly challenging as Google itself becomes more complex and nuanced. And so, good advice is to stay tuned-into the very data about your own site (that is only available to you and not your competitors) that Google actually IS trying to provide you in a fairly generous and reliable fashion. This Google Search Console project is that baseline SEO project that everyone should be doing to get some science back into SEO, and is also a potential force multiplier project, because it works so well with automation, and Google's own infrastructure systems, like Google Drive. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel youtube.com/mikelevin