Taking Inventory & Life Algorithms

46 mins by The Python Experience |

The programming world reflects real-life. It's no big mystery that algorithms on computer are reproducing processes from real-life. There's nothing like packing for a move that makes you think through these issues, because a lifetime of "cruft" accumulates where you live, and not until you move do you have to really think through the logic of keeping them. You uncover "the good stuff" and can put it back into play like you had originally intended. Books, books and more books! I've eliminated a small library of books that I've owned, and still it's the heaviest stuff I own. With my beloved Kindle, even what's left feels a bit hefty, but the "book experience" is one that I particularly want to instill into Adi. I promised that this podcast was going to be my stream of consciousness in my "integrated lifestyle", so if you're here just for Python-talk, turn around now. This is like Scrubs or The Wonder Years type life-casting narration, maybe more-so than other episodes.