The Biggest Obstacle Getting Started Programming is Usually a Good Place to Run Your Code (long-term)

13 mins by The Python Experience |

There's a giant reset button that gets pressed on just about everyone who gets started coding having to do with extreme difficulty getting "continuity" in your coding. It's hard to pick up again where you left off, and that was in great part because the code execution environments were excessively tied to your local platform instance, or to some sort of training sandbox not really connected to servers or the real world. Think crashed hard drives or switching computers. The trick is to get many of the advantages of convenient and local (seeming) code execution environments that emulate Microsoft Office embedded Visual Basic, or more commonly known as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Google App Script emulates that model but has its own set of problems, so the trick is to get the best of modern git (and Github) code control and a "friendly" and easily re-created local way to run your code. Enter's Anaconda as a convenient way to get Jupyter Notebook installed. Jupyter Notebook is like Python in a web browser, but with enough of the "generic" Python advantages that you will still be learning something mainstream and timeless. Jupyter Notebook makes Python accessible to "newbs" in a way that will actually help you start to build that continuity so that success can build on success on success. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel