The Stream Versus Hierarchy

19 mins by The Python Experience |

There's really 2 fundamental ways of organizing information: sequentially or hierarchically. With the power of today's tech, there's really no reason why you have to completely commit to one or the other. The trick is for your data-capture, revision and publishing systems to all help you with intelligent time-stamps and revision-control, so chronological sequential order (often, reverse-chronological like blogs) is always very easy to produce. Hierarchical organization is tantamount to "editing"—a process which I personally don't think there's enough time for in life (on my personal content after the work-day is over), yet that sort of organization is precisely what makes the worth-it content accessible and usable and valuable to an audience. Thus, I'm going to start to try to open a dialogue with my hardcore audience out there, and those few with enough patience to listen to this sort of stuff, whether there's interest in supporting me to get my act together and turn this into some sort of book, online lessons or such. It'd be about technology and equipping our children going into the future (in general) and about the use of Python in my day-to-day tasks, both professionally and personally (in particular).